Finding Your Purpose In Life

No matter how young or old you are, it is quite possible that finding your purpose in life is something that you have not done! Why is finding your purpose important? Top success teacher and best selling author, Bob Proctor, describes finding your purpose in life as finding your purpose for living – your reason … Read more

Who is Bob Proctor?

If you are a Law of Attraction fan, you are probably well aware of who he is, however, for everyone else who wants to know ‘Who is Bob Proctor?’, let me tell you! Bob is probably best known for being one of the key contributors to the book and film ‘The Secret’ but that is … Read more

How To Be A Likable Person

First of all I would just like to qualify that you should not obsess about what people think of you! However, if you are in business it is worth having good people skills (no one will buy from someone they don’t like), or if you would just like to have a smoother journey through life, … Read more

10 Ways To Stop Procrastinating

I can only imagine how many goals have never been reached, books never been written and lives have been half-lived because of the phenomenon that is procrastination. It happens to most of us from time to time, so if you are reading 10 Ways To Stop Procrastinating, you can congratulate yourself on taking action! What … Read more

Does Audible Membership Work?

Have you noticed when searching on Amazon for a book, often the first thing that comes up in the search is Audible and wondered – does Audible Membership Work? In this post I will explain what it is, how it works and most importantly, what you get for your money. (Just so you know, as … Read more

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