Does the Law of Attraction Really Work? Only 100% of the time…

What is the Law of Attraction?

So just in case you have missed the phenomenon that is the Law of Attraction, it literally is a universal law (in the same way that gravity is a universal law), that dictates that what we focus on, with emotion, we bring into our lives. The next question is, of course, does the law of attraction really work? It certainly does – 100% of the time.

Everything in existence has a vibration. When we focus on something with emotion, we create the same vibration as our desire which in turn brings it ever closer until it actually manifests in our life. When you hold a thought for 17 seconds or longer, like thoughts join it and you gain momentum in the direction of your thought.

Sounds great right? But why then is it that everyone who knows about it isn’t living the life of their dreams? I’m glad you asked!

Why is it not working for me?

The truth is that it is working for you! The difficulty is that what you want has 2 sides to it – the presence of it and the lack of it. For example, you want more money but because you are struggling in that area, your focus is normally on the lack of money. When you focus on lack and add a bit of emotion for good measure, you are on track to attracting more lack and giving momentum to the wrong thing! You are so focused on the stress of not having enough money your are holding resistant thoughts that ultimately stop you from picking up on the very ideas and opportunities that would help your situation. This is totally natural but you will have to change your thoughts for things to change. Now, it would be very difficult to think about having lots of money when the bills are piling up, but you can certainly think of abundance in other areas to get rid of the resistant feelings.

How do I get rid of resistant feelings?

A great place to start getting rid of resistant feelings is to focus on what you are grateful for. You may be in a place where it’s hard to see anything that is good on your life but when you start to look you will be amazed how many things will start to show up. Keeping a ‘gratitude journal’ is a great idea. If you are going through a tough time, start with listing very basic things like being able to get out of bed unassisted in the morning, or having some food in the fridge for your breakfast or there could be someone in your life you are grateful for. Maybe it’s not raining! Write 3 points of gratitude in your journal every morning. Look for 3 new things every day and re-read the ones from the previous days – dwell on those things and feel the emotion that goes with it.

What you are doing here is activating your RAS – Reticular Activating System – the part of your brain that filters out unnecessary information and so that the important stuff gets through! Another great way of doing this is scoring things out of 10 that make you feel good. For me, a boiled egg on toast is a 10 (If cooked to perfection lol) and a hot shower is similar. Your brain will automatically start looking out for more things to score highly. These processes lighten your mood and you will be much more likely to attract positive results in any area of your life, including finances.

One more thing to try is The Sedona Method. This is a practice of letting go of emotions and resistance – I highly recommend the book at the best place to start.

What else can get in the way?

The first and most critical part of the process is to know what you want! You would be amazed at how many people do not know this! You absolutely must know what you want, ideally with lots of detail and ask for it. Who are you asking? Some people say you are asking the universe, others source energy and some say God (the bible has lots of quotes that align with the law of attraction) and some even say it is your subconscious mind.

Top psychologist, Marissa Peer, says that your subconscious mind tries to bring you what you want all the day long but because your focus in on the lack, that is what you often get. Personally, I believe that God, the very power that brought worlds into existence is working for me and through me. I just need to keep this thought at the forefront of my mind and make sure to co-operate at my end!

Another thing that very often gets in the way is our own self talk. Sometime we justify our own beliefs and by doing so, perpetuate (most often) a limiting belief! For example, a friend of mine is feeling desperately lonely following the recent breakup of her relationship and laments to anyone who will listen that she will never find someone.

I can only imagine the conversations she has with herself if this is what she is telling everyone. You have to be so careful about what you are saying to yourself – we believe much more what we tell ourselves than what anyone else says so look out for any negativity at its onset. What could my friend do in her situation? Telling herself things like:

  • ‘I am in a much better place now I have had more life experience’
  • ‘I am never single for long’
  • ‘this time on my own is allowing me to re calibrate and enjoy some me time’
  • ‘it’s been great catching up with my friends again’
  • ‘I have an exciting time ahead – I wonder who I will meet!’

How do I get started with all of this?

Look out for lots more content on all the ins and outs of the law of attraction on this website, however, there is plenty you can be doing in the meantime. Remember one of the first points introduced was that when you hold a thought for 17 seconds or more, like thoughts join it. Make sure you are holding delicious thoughts or at the very least, make sure you are not holding negative thoughts.

If you are feeling bad one day, apparently for no reason, just think about what you have been thinking about and I can guarantee you will have been thinking about something sad, bad or just plain worrying. Most of us don’t realize that we can think thoughts on purpose. When you know this it is absolutely life-changing.

To take a deeper dive into the law of attraction, check out my review of Manifestation Miracle.



4 thoughts on “Does the Law of Attraction Really Work? Only 100% of the time…”

  1. This is a fantastic article! I knew about the old-school laws of attraction, but this new phase threw me. I was thinking it was some sort of product that had stolen a name from physics or romance. Now I have a better idea. Maybe if I start holding a good thought for a whole 17 seconds instead of 3 I’ll have a better outlook on life. I’m going to start trying! Thank you!

    • Hi Cathy

      Thanks for your comments, awareness is everything! It’s amazing how you can get on a roll of fabulous thoughts (or terrible ones!). Now you know how to turn it around!



  2. What a great article, thanks for the many tips especially on how to get rid of resistant feelings now i know how to handle the situation better in a positive manner . Thank you


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