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I recently discovered Peggy McColl through Bob Proctor‘s website where I was so inspired that I signed up as an affiliate (which means I earn a small commission for any of her products purchased through my links)! He was saying how phenomenal she is, what a great teacher, sincere person and total inspiration and that I should check her out! I am a huge fan of Bob’s so thought I would take his advice. I especially wanted to get my hands on a free book she had called Power Life Script.

Who is Peggy McColl?

Peggy is a New York Times best-selling author, coach, internationally recognized speaker and internet marketing expert as well as a wife, Mother and Grandmother. She has also helped thousands of people to achieve their dreams and was inspired back in the day by the one and only Bob Proctor!

A company she was working for forced her to go to one of Bob’s conferences when she was a junior member of the team. Little did she know that it would change the course of her entire life! Peggy had been brought up in poverty with abusive parents and had consequently developed a paradigm that would otherwise have kept her stuck with the belief that she was not worthy and had nothing to offer – this was all that she knew.

She was so inspired by Bob that she read everything he suggested and attended every seminar of his she could find (often attending the same one several times over). The result is that she has followed in his footsteps and created the most incredible life of abundance. (Her latest passion includes helping aspiring authors to get started with creating and having great success in selling their own titles.)

What is the book about?

The process outlined in the book is what Peggy claims is the mainstay of her life. Everything she has created has come from the practice that she teaches in Power Life Script. The idea is that you write the script to your own life and start living it!

Chapter 1: Embracing your dream – You are worthy and anything is possible

Peggy explains that no matter where you are now, you can take steps straight away to change your ‘paradigm’ – i.e. the set of beliefs that keep us stuck in the same old patterns. How do you know if you have a negative paradigm? Look at your results and where you are now. It may be that you are one of the few people who have made goals and achieved them but if you are stuck, there is a disempowering belief keeping you from moving forward. Once you know this, you are in a much stronger position to change your situation.


Chapter 2: Manifesting stories – Awakening the possibilities

Peggy uses many of examples from her own life and shares how the Power Life Script enabled her to not only be the proud owner of some beautiful homes but also to have a wonderful marriage, to be a New York Times best-selling author and have great friendships with some of her heroes and indeed some of the people she has helped along the way. What I found so powerful is her excitement and unshakable belief. Having created it all through the Power Life Script process, she knows she can do it at any time and is excited to share it with you.

Chapter 3: The Secret to Big Breakthroughs

First of all Peggy recommends having a massive goal. Something small or realistic just isn’t going to produce the necessary excitement required to get you to take action. The process is then to visualize having already achieved your goal (or goals), think about it and allow yourself to feel how it would feel having achieved it, believe that it will happen until you then know it. Now this will not happen on the first, second or third attempt but it is something that with repetition (Peggy recommends 4 times per day) that you will accept as the truth and then, being in alignment with your goal, will take inspired action.



Chapter 4: How to Write the New Script of Your Life

In a nutshell, you need to decide what you would love in your life, make a list of everything you would like in the present tense, focus on it 4 times per day to feel the feelings you would have and become a vibrational match to your desires, see it on the movie screen of your mind and accept that it is done then achieve it and experience it!

Peggy then goes on with examples of how to craft the script for maximum effect.

Chapter 5: Live it NOW – Your Key to Speed

Believing i.e. feeling the feelings now as though you were living your dream life now if apparently THE way to make it all happen and happen quickly. Doing the process when you drift off to sleep and when you wake up in the morning is one of the best ways to transfer the belief to your subconscious mind. Remember to include not only what you see but what can you smell, hear and feel.

Be warned, in the start you will feel like a phoney but isn’t it worth a bit of discomfort to get to the stage where you are creating your own life rather than reacting to it? I think so for sure.

Chapter 6 – Freedom

If you plug into the system, this can be yours.



I have very much enjoyed this free book and have already started writing my own Power Life Script. I am going to have some fun with it and make a recording of the details of all the things I would love to have in my life (with some motivational music in the background). I am already obsessed with guided meditations and sleep hypnosis tracks and can’t wait to give it a go! Peggy is offering more in-depth help with this program which you can also check-out.

More about Peggy McColl

Peggy has more free content available in the form of Morning Manifestation – a 3 x weekly email series which offers instant access to ideas and proven techniques to help you to attract the abundance you deserve. The beauty of it is that they are short but valuable (especially helpful if you are like me with a short attention span lol). You get instant access to ideas, strategies, and proven techniques to help you attract the abundance you deserve. I have just signed up so am looking forward to checking it out.

Also there is a webinar series called ‘Create Your Own Economy’ and a free ‘Manifestation Toolbox’ which I am also looking forward to test-driving and sharing feedback in due course.

Have you heard of Peggy?

I would love to know if you have read any of Peggy’s books or subscribed to our courses etc in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Power Life Script – free book by Peggy McColl”

  1. Wow! just reading Bob Protors’ line “Remember, you are listening”, just turned on a big light bulb inside me. I have never looked at negative self talk that way, that I’m actually listening, absorbing and implementing self sabotaging beliefs and behavoiurs, because I’m listening to what I’m saying. We truly are our own biggest critics.
    This is a very powerful post with a powerful message, that we can change our own negative paradigm. For me, I was brought up to always “think of others first”, in a way decades of that thinking has programmed me to think, that others hold a higher value than myself.
    This information could be very beneficial to everyone, and I thank you for posting this article.

    • What a fabulous comment, Nadine! You are not alone in being your own biggest critic for sure. Most of us have let everyone we have every met program our minds! I heard someone say that we even argue for our limiting beliefs – I used to do it all the time (in my head only) but now I recognise it very quickly and counter-balance it with a powerful visualization instead. On the point of holiding others in higher value than yourself, a good thing to remember is that you are equal to everyone but better than no one.




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