The Law of Attraction and Weight Loss – How does it work?

Have you ever considered turning to the law of attraction for weight loss? Then this is for you!

Why Diets Don’t Work

You might argue with me here and say that diets do work, however, they tend only to work in the short term so unless you are planning making a lifestyle change and sticking to your regime forever, there is a very good chance that when you go back to eating normally, you will go back to your previous weight or even gain a few pounds. Why would you gain a few pounds? Well, depending on your diet, particularly if you were left feeling hungry, you body would be keen to hang onto as many calories as possible in case there was no more food coming! This then results in the all too familiar yo-yo dieting scenario and well-meaning dieters gaining every more weight and feeling more and more hopeless!

Why You Are Your Current Weight?

We all have beliefs about ourselves about all areas of life and what is possible for us. Let’s say at the moment you weigh 170lbs. You want to weight 130lbs but critically your expectation and belief is that you will always weigh 170lbs. Subconsciously you will do whatever it takes to maintain that weight – eat just enough and not exercise enough! You will have to create a new belief and expectation that you will weight 130lbs! Impossible, surely?

How Do You Change Your Beliefs?

I love this analogy from Mach II With Your Hair of Fire by Richard Bliss Brooke (my absolute favorite book on personal vision and motivation – check out my review):

‘Creating a new belief is like dying cloth in the old traditional way. Native Americans would take a piece of natural fabric and change it into a different color by soaking the cloth in dye, squeezing it out, hanging it up to dry and set, continuing the process over and over again until the cloth ended up the color they wanted – the color they thought was possible to achieve.

At first there was little, if any, change in the color of the fabric. It took many soakings, rinsing and setting, and the change of color deepened each time. After a while, this change accelerated, becoming richer faster until soon there was no hint of the original color. The old color was gone and in its place was the new color.’

And this is exactly how it is when we change our beliefs. Now we need to create a new belief about how we will look and feel, and to the degree that we can see it, with clarity and emotion, that will be the degree to which our subconscious will take over and deliver the behavior that will enable us to become the weight we desire with less effort. Now, that doesn’t mean you won’t be making changes to your eating and exercise habits, but it does mean that you will naturally seek out healthier food and feel the notion to walk instead of taking the car!


Create Your Vision

The next step in the process is to create a compelling vision of the new you! You will go about this by asking yourself a series of questions. The answers to these will help you to create your vision and can also be used as daily affirmations. Do not worry if you don’t believe them at first – they will gradually persuade your subconscious that this is your new reality if you stick with it. Here are some questions to get you started but please feel free to add your own:

  • What is your ideal weight?
  • How do you feel when you are at this weight?
  • How do you look?
  • What clothes are you wearing now?
  • What are people saying about you?
  • Describe your new shape and how that makes you feel
  • How do you feel now when you step on the scales?
  • How do you feel when you look in the mirror
  • What things do you enjoy doing now that you wouldn’t have done previously

Again, do not worry if you don’t believe yourself as you say the answers, but try to get into the emotion of how you would feel having accomplished your weight loss – this is where the power lies. If you have battled with weight issues for a long time you may find it useful, instead of thinking of an actual desired weight, just picturing yourself being super-toned and fit!

You must absolutely stay clear of thoughts like ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I will never be slim/fit’, ‘this is rubbish’! All thoughts must be positively angled or you will indeed stay stuck.

My Experience

I was not overweight to be honest, but having reached a certain age I noticed my inner thighs were starting to sag, I had ‘old lady’ arms and ‘bra bulge’ on my back. Not very attractive! I had started to do a daily visualization (this 5-minute Guided Visualization to Manifest the Life of your Dreams on YouTube by MsFitVegan is my favorite) and part of it says ‘what is your ideal body – what does it look like, see it in the mirror, what does it feel like to be in that body, what are some words to describe your ideal body’.

Now, I had some dumb bells in the house that I bought about 12 years ago along with a book called Smart Women Do Dumbbells and was suddenly inspired do look them out! Fast forward 10 months and my body is completely different! My legs are super-firm, my arms and shoulders are toned and the bra-bulge has been smoothed out! Would I have done this if I hadn’t been listening to this visualization daily? I really don’t think so.

And the incredible thing is that it’s not hard – it fits into my daily routine and it’s something I do on auto pilot. Am I perfect without a lump or bump? No, but I will take it and enjoy feeling fit and toned. A really valuable side-benefit has been that I also feel much stonger mentally as well as physically. Things that would have had me stressed out before are now much less of a big deal.


Stay Grateful

On this journey, it is important to appreciate what you already have. If you body works well, give thanks for that! If you struggle with health issues but you are mostly well, be grateful for that. Appreciate what your body has done for you. When you eat, savour each mouthful and be thankful for the people who grew it, baked it or cooked it and for what it is doing to supply you with the energy you need to keep going through the day.

Media Hype

One last thought. When creating your own ideal body image, please do not compare yourself to the celebrities you see in the magazines. They are not real. I remember a quote from Cindy Crawford (if you are a young person, Cindy Crawford was on of the original ‘Super Models’ back in the day) saying ‘even I don’t look like Cindy Crawford when I get up in the morning’. And that was in the days before images were photo-shopped!

Nowadays, I don’t think any original images are used at all and it would be easy to believe that you are the only person in the world with cellulite or a bit of a tummy. It’s just not true! I read recently that in an image of Ariana Grande they had even changed the iris in her eyes!
Virtually nothing of Ariana was left in that photo which is so sad.

It’s much better to be a real person, simply making the very best of what you have and feeling great about it. You can do it!

If you have been on a weight loss or fitness journey I would love to hear about it in the comments.


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