The Miracle Equation by Hal Elrod – Does it Deliver?

Why I bought this book

I have to confess to already being a devotee of Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning and was consequently on the mailing list for his new book The Miracle Equation. Hal starts of by saying that he failed with the Miracle Morning as despite it being a huge seller and changing lives one morning at a time by getting readers into daily morning habits that are life-changing, it didn’t go far enough in the explanation of the ‘how to’ of achieving big goals. This book leaves the reader in no doubt.

The ethos of the book

The ethos of The Miracle Equation is that anyone is capable of creating tangible, measurable miracles (this is what I needed to hear!) – it is a process that brings it all together and anyone can do it. Hal has plenty of experience in using the techniques in this book. Starting off with when he was a high end cutlery he was one of the top salesman but knew that he hadn’t given it everything and wanted to double his best annual sales from $100,000 to $200,000 so he came up with a process to move his goals from possible, to probable, to inevitable!


Why do so few people create miracles?

There are 4 reasons why, according to Hal, in this The Miracle Equation:

‘Firstly, we have a brain that registers new opportunities as dangerous. We also reject the notion that we are deserving of all that we want and instead settle for mediocre effort and results in one, several, or all areas of our lives. We lose sight of our innate gifts and fail to see all that we can accomplish. Finally, we allow the world to influence our thinking and even define us, which usually leads us to believe that we are less capable than we actually are.’

This is so true! (If you are a regular reader of my blog you will recognize these themes as some that I write about.) And if all of that wasn’t bad enough, we justify our limitations, constantly reinforcing what we can’t do.

How do we become someone who CAN create miracles?

The first stage is to become emotionally invincible! How do you do this? By releasing every negative emotion that has ever held you back!

Again, back to Hal’s experience at Cutco, he had a boss who allowed them only 5 minutes do be upset about a disappointment. It could be a lost sale, or anything else going on but you had to set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes within which time you could go totally crazy but after 5 minutes, normal service had to be resumed. Incredibly, Hal went on to use ‘the 5-minute rule’ when he was told he would never walk again following a car crash.

That is an extreme example but demonstrates brilliantly the power of deciding in advance that you will not dwell on negative circumstances. He did go onto walk again using the miracle equation and indeed survive a very rare and aggressive form of cancer.

What is the actual process?

So the first thing you have to do is decide what you want most – there is power in singularity! It’s great to have lots of goals but you need absolute focus on what is the most important thing that will change everything for you. Then you need to decide to have unwavering faith and the second decision is to apply extraordinary effort, for as long as it takes.

Now, if you are wondering how on earth you are going to suddenly acquire unwavering faith so you can apply extraordinary effort, don’t worry, the book takes care of these aspects. Hal goes into details in how you are going to become unshakable in your faith and what it means and how to apply extraordinary effort to your own particular project.


Who should buy this book?

It is most definitely for people like me! i.e. personal development junkies who want to stop devouring every book they find on Amazon and actually put practical plans into action with the supercharge of belief and massive action to ensure their goal moved from possible, to probable, to inevitable.

Who is this book not for?

People who just love to read and say that they will get started when Auntie Bessie moves out, when the kids leave to go to college, when they retire, when the holidays start, when the holiday finish, when they tidy the house to make some office space. (You get the idea!) You can still buy the book (it’s an absolutely fascinating read and Hal’s story is incredible) just don’t expect any changes in your circumstances.


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